Electrifying staking

for the Pocket Network

Stake & start earning. Instant liquidity for POKT.

How It Works


ThunderPOKT allows users to stake their POKT in a fully permissionless manner; no account or minimum amount needed. Users will receive $tPOKT 1:1 for their native pokt.


tPOKT rewards are distributed every 15 minutes and rewards are compounded daily. Users can see their rewards accrue in real-time. tPOKT is always backed 1:1 by staked native pokt. Fully transparent.


tPOKT is an ERC-20 token, which means you can participate in DeFi to earn additional sources of yield, such as liquidity mining. This also means that you can sell your tokens at any time to circumvent the unstaking period.

Learn more

Read a detailed explanation of the process in the documentation, or ask questions in our Telegram channel.


ThunderStake is a premier node provider with cutting edge automations, processes, and monitoring.